"The paramount objective of the principals, associates and staff of Santa Fe Engineering Consultants is to provide cost effective, quality engineering services to our clients in a professional and timely manner regardless of size or complexity."

- Santa Fe Engineering Consultants Mission Statement

The principals and staff of Santa Fe Engineering Consultants, LLC.(SFEC), have provided professional engineering services in Northern New Mexico since 1978. For more than 25 years, a highly trained, experienced staff of planners, engineers, technical and support personnel have provided civil engineering services to a wide range of clients including, private developers, City and County Administrators, State Agencies, Federal Government Agencies, School Districts, Small Rural Communities, Mutual Domestic Water and Sewer Associations, and Native American Tribal Entities.

SFEC has an established reputation for providing quality-engineering services, which are effective, efficient, and sensitive to the needs of the surrounding communities and environment. The firm’s major areas of civil engineering services include land development work, street design, drainage design, traffic engineering, water system design, sanitary sewer system design, dam design and construction administration. In addition to their design work, SFEC has assisted many of their clients in obtaining funding through grants and low interest loans.

SFEC is committed to delivering the highest quality project possible on all its assignments. SFEC has instilled in their staff, a philosophy of Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) as an ongoing part of the study/design process, rather than just an isolated activity, which occurs only at predetermined project milestones. Quality is the responsibility of every member of our organization. In addition, SFEC believes in developing the most cost-effective solutions to solve their clients’ engineering needs.

SFEC is located at 1599 S. St. Francis Drive, Suite B, Santa Fe, New Mexico. The company’s offices in Santa Fe are equipped with industry-leading technology that is essential in addressing development planning and engineering solutions. In addition, SFEC’s Engineers and Staff aggressively pursue continuous training programs. These training programs coupled with SFEC’s technological capabilities and practical experience have earned the firm recognition for providing quality service in a cost-effective manner to their clients.